A Time For Change



It’s been about two years since my debut on NBC’s The Voice. How has my life changed? I’m still playing shows in my hometown of Rochester, NY with the occasional out of towner. I’ve played some pretty cool gigs that have been great to put down on my resume, such as opening for Mat Kearney and The Script. I released an EP last year called Summertime State of Mind, organized my own North East Tour and am currently back in the studio recording again. Nothing drastic, but my game has been elevated for sure. I get a little more respect. I still get the “Oh, that’s the girl from The Voice!” whispers in stores.

With anyone in the entertainment industry, you have to keep the buzz going or you’re forgotten about. It’s hard work. It gets exhausting. You read about artists cancelling entire tours or no-showing, and while I avoid canceling like the black plague, I can totally relate. This shit drains you – emotionally, mentally and physically and sometimes the best thing you can do is step away for a bit.


I’ve been finding myself less and less excited about playing shows, and at times, it’s probably been written all over my face. The feeling has been slowly creeping through the cracks, like the cold fingers of Winter and I’m growing cold. I look out the window and watch the leaves change and fall, only to be reborn again. The cycle happens every year. Yet here I am singing the same songs at the same venues, and I wonder why I feel like I’m running a marathon to nowhere.

If you always do what you always did, you’re always going to get what you always got. Nature knows better. In order to grow, change needs to happen.

I never want to be in a place of complacency with my music or with life in general and that’s the direction I’ve been headed in. I think it’s important to challenge ourselves and do things that scare us. Take risks. You can only grow if you learn new things. You can only learn new things by doing what you’ve never done before. So for the sake of personal growth, my brand and my fans I’ve decided to take a break.


Thanks for all the support you’ve given me, and I look forward to sharing what’s ahead. See you all soon!



6 thoughts on “A Time For Change

  1. Tom Shevlin

    Many others have done the same thing. Take a break. Reflect. Ponder. Re-charge the batteries. Dream. Contemplate. You’ll know when you’re ready to pop back up. Peace! 😃

  2. Tracy Burnside

    I get it. Recharge and find the spark you need to restart a new. Always be yourself but maybe reinvent your professional self to keep going and move forward!! Can’t wait to see what is next! Good Luck to you!

  3. I find creativity and satisfaction come a lot easier when you’re working for yourself rather than an imaginary expectation of what you “should be”. I’m confident you’ll be back and happier than ever. Best wishes!

  4. Lee Peers

    I’ve enjoyed every minute that I’ve seen and heard you play. You are a very hard worker, so I get the exhaustion and needing a break. But I will never forget the time spent together on tours, those cd’s that keep playing in our car, and that beautiful smile every time you look into the crowd that you’re singing to. Your a wonderful daughter and I’m proud to be your Dad. Looking forward to seeing you step on stage in the future! Love you, Dad.

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